What are the main parts of the fire extinguisher accessories inspection to examine?

Fire extinguishers should be equipped with safety devices, at present, China’s production of fire extinguisher safety devices generally uses the structure of the insurance pin, the public can be based on whether the fire extinguisher is equipped with a safety pin to determine whether the fire extinguisher qualified.

In addition, the fire extinguisher safety pin is generally sealed with lead or plastic tape seal, lead seal or plastic tape seal is disposable. Where the fire extinguisher on the safety pin seal or plastic tape seal off, broken and other phenomena, indicating that the fire extinguisher may have been used, the public should try to avoid buying such fire extinguishers.

Where the storage pressure extinguisher, in order to identify the fire extinguisher whether there is pressure, the state requires that the fire extinguisher must be installed with a pressure indicator that can show its internal pressure. Therefore, it is found that the storage pressure extinguisher (except carbon dioxide extinguishers) is not installed pressure indicator, are considered unqualified. The pressure indicator dial can work with the pressure range in green, from zero to the lower limit of the working pressure range in red, and in the range of the scale line marked “refill”. The range from the upper limit of the working pressure to the range of the indicator is indicated in yellow, and the word “overfill” is marked on the scale of the range. Indicator dial numbers, symbols and “refill”, “overfilled” and other words should be white or black font. The public should check whether the pointer on the pressure indicator is indicated in the green area, if the pointer in the red or yellow area, it can be considered unqualified, in addition, the public should also check the pressure indicator at 20 ℃ on the working pressure value and the fire extinguisher decal marked on the pressure value at 20 ℃ is consistent, such as the fire extinguisher decal shown on the 20 ℃ when the filling pressure is 1.2MPa, and the actual value of 1.5MPa, then The value of 1.5MPa, it means that the pressure indicator of the fire extinguisher is wrong, the fire extinguisher can be considered unqualified.

According to national requirements, the surface of the fire extinguisher pressure indicator should be marked with “F”, “P”, “Y”, “J “and other letters to show the difference, the letters and the fire extinguisher model preparation of the extinguishing agent code is consistent. The public can check whether the pressure indicator installed in the fire extinguisher matches the agent charged to determine whether the pressure indicator is installed accurately, for example, the pressure indicator installed in portable dry powder fire extinguishers, the letter on the dial should be “F”, if found to be “J ” or other letters, it means that the fire extinguisher pressure indicator category is wrong, you can accordingly consider the fire extinguisher is not qualified.

National standards, where the fire extinguishing agent charge is greater than 3kg (L), should be equipped with a jet hose, so the public if you see not equipped with a jet hose, and greater than 3kg (L) of the fire extinguisher. Or although equipped with a jet hose, in addition to the hose ends of the joint or nozzle, the length of the jet hose does not reach 400mm fire extinguishers, can be considered unqualified.

National standards provide that the cart-type fire extinguishers should be equipped with an intermittent spray gun. After investigation, the current market sales of counterfeit trolley fire extinguishers are basically not equipped with intermittent spray gun – that is, the gun is not available to close the spray valve and other structures, the public in the inspection, when found on the trolley fire extinguishers are not equipped with an intermittent spray gun, can be considered unqualified.